Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the beginning...

...there was a love of Disney, a need to believe that dreams might now and then come true, and a passion for theme parks.  Those things, combined with a lot of exciting (and not so exciting) theme park visits and far too many hours listening to other people talk about Disney brought me here, to a blog completely dedicated to Disney reviews, commentary, and experiences, a different voice added to an already buzzing topic.

Let me introduce myself briefly, before I get started on this new adventure. I am a young at heart professor of humanities and English in the Florida community college system who is gloriously, happily married.  My husband and I have chosen not to have children; we have each other, and that's enough.  We are also the keepers of two very spoiled dogs.  Our love of theme parks is long standing, and as Central Florida residents, we have held passes to every major theme park in the Orlando/Tampa area.  We currently hold premium annual passes to the Walt Disney World complex, and annual passes to  Sea World/Busch Gardens.

So there are already a thousand Disney news sites, blogs, podcasts, and fan pages out there.  Why am I adding to the plethora of information already out there?

Well, there are numerous answers to that question.  One, of course, is the selfish one.  I want a way to track my experiences and record my memories.  Part of what makes theme parks worthwhile is the opportunity they provide to have a unique, precious experience.  I believe that when people talk about "Disney magic," that's a large part of what they mean.  I want to cling to those memories.  But it's more than that.  Listening to others talk about theme parks and their experiences, I have come to realize that my husband and I are a bit different from both the professionals who look with a rather jaded, critical eye at the corporate machine of Disney and the racing tourists who are trying to plan their days to fit the maximum number of rides into a busy schedule.  We go to theme parks for the theme.

For us, the Disney experience is just that - an experience.  We can go to a park, wander hand in hand, marvel at the theming, never ride a ride, and have a glorious, romantic day.  We love history, stories, details, and we love the experience itself.  We are both foodies, and love going to the fine restaurants on property.  But most of all, we love the customer service, the sense of being treated as if we are really special - an experience that years in the real business world teaches one is the best fairy tale of all. Theme parks provide that sense of being away from reality, that sense of being treated well, and that moment of rest from responsibility that lets us truly appreciate the time with those we love.

 In the end, that's why I started this blog - to share our experience. My hope is to record our visits and experiences to Walt Disney World (and occasionally the Busch parks) in terms of our experience, our treatment, and our enjoyment in hopes that those records may serve others.  Some of my posts may be quite abstract - I do love to think and write - others may be quite specific.  Regardless, I hope to fill all of them with hope and wonder.

If you arrive here, I hope you find something that interests you, or something that will help you in finding your own wonder and magic, wherever you are.

Sometimes it's fun to do the impossible.  ~Walt Disney